Top 10 in Demand Virtual Assistant Employment Opportunities

By on August 30, 2013

So many people, not just stay-at-home Moms, have looked into virtual assistant opportunities. Not just because of its recent popularity, but also because of its rapid in-demand growth.

For this reason, I’ve researched and listed the “Top 10 In-Demand Virtual Assistant Employment Opportunities” that employers should be looking to fill.

What we can do:

top 10

1. Executive Assistants

The duties include internet research, editing, database creation, and over-all receptionist work. This allows you to be more effective and perform your duties efficiently. Your new assistant will quickly learn your business and perform tasks that eat away at your day.


2. Internet Marketing Assistants

Marketing Assistants can be in-charge of everything from thinking up a new catch phrase to posting your advertisements to paid and/or free ad posting sites. They must have sales skills and creativity.


3. Medical Transcription Assistants

Medical transcribers underwent medical coding training before they can be hired for medical transcription. Their duties are to do the medical coding and transfer the information on to patient’s charts that is readable by insurance companies. After transcribing it over to code, the assistant will send the information back to the hospital or clinic.


4. Graphic Design Assistants

 Graphic Designer Assistants will have strong skills in design and in using design software. Usually, graphic design assistants work for individual company and do graphic design work exclusively, but some graphic designer assistants may do other little non-graphic design work too.


5. Website Design Assistants

Assistant in this field are responsible for updating websites as needed. They may also host a server for their clients to take care of all their needs. Website Design Assistants must be skilled in design and computer languages like html, css, etc.


6. Translation Assistants

Translation Assistants are responsible for translating documents into English or into official languages. They are also responsible for the final quality control of technically complex and sensitive text ensuring accuracy and completeness of work.


7. Legal Assistants

Legal Assistants do not necessarily need to know law, but it is very useful. Understanding of legal documents is a MUST, as they

will spend most of their time filling those out. At times, they may be required to do some documentation for the law firms.


8. Real Estate Assistants

Real Estate Assistants tend to perform many tasks, from typing up and designing flyers to be stored at the house-for-sale to posting pictures and ads online. Occasionally, they will be asked to make calls to either the house owner or potential home buyers. They may also be responsible for drawing up legal paperwork when the house is sold.


9. Editing/Proofreading Assistants

Assistants in this field proofread documents for spelling or grammatical errors and factual inaccuracies using standard proofreading symbols. In some cases, assistants may rewrite materials to better fit the publication policy. They may also be responsible for choosing artwork to accompany articles and help organize page layouts.


10. Accounting/Bookkeeping Assistants

Many companies send out their payroll and other financial statements to an accountant to go through and process. Some accountants are even in-charge of business financial goals and spread-sheet designs. 


Though there are several choices to choose from, if you are thinking of hiring a virtual assistant, you should focus on areas that you find taking up your time, but not making you more money.

Just don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a line whenever you need one.


Happy creating from a Filipino Virtual Employee!


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