Tips On How To Effectively Manage Filipino Employees (Part 3)

By on July 4, 2013

Hi there! Welcome come back to Outsource Manager, your guide to effectively manage your Filipino employees. In this post, I will be sharing with you the importance of using video calling in your long distance work relationship.

Video calling is one of the important steps you must include in your plans with your outsourced employees. Video calling can be two or more people, far from each other, yet they are able to see and communicate through web cameras and microphones through your PC or mobile devices. Whenever possible, employers out there should use video calling in giving feedback to your virtual employees rather than providing text-based only feedback (like email, IM, and texting).

There are several reasons why video calling is essential when dealing with your Filipino employees (or to any other virtual employees you may have).

1. It helps you deliver your message to your employees in understandable and clearer way.

2. They get to see your face, your actions and facial expressions and they know exactly what you want done.

3. Instant feedback and responses. This is more comfortable when you are interacting face to face.

4. They see you and hear your voice. This makes you more personable, and thus makes them more comfortable and secure to work for you. They feel more comfortable when they know you are a real person and not just a robot, auto responder or a scammer.

It also gives them a chance to know you personally, which is really hard to do through email. The better they know you, the more loyal they will be and the harder they want to work for you. This also makes it MUCH less likely they will disappear on you.

There are so many software options you can download to make video calls to your virtual employees possible. If you want to talk to your virtual employee in real-time, I recommend Skype,Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger. I use them myself and am happy with their services. (They all have free options – Skype is upgradable).

Click here to download Skype, Click here for Google Talk and download Yahoo Messenger here.

I would also like to introduce other video services like Jing, Camtasia Studio, Snagit, and You can give instructions to your virtual employees through recorded screenshot videos that you can send to them.You cannot talk to them live this way, unlike Skype and Yahoo Messenger, but is still very effective and a great addition.

Providing video feedback and instructions will definitely change your ability to succeed with outsourcing.

Checkout my other tips on how to effectively manage your Filipino employees Part 1 and Part 2 and have a happy and wonderful work relationship.

Happy creating from a Filipino employee!

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