Tips On How To Effectively Manage Filipino Employees (Part #1)

By on June 14, 2013
Filipino employees

Congratulations! After your long search for the reliable and dependable Filipino employee of your dreams, you’ve finally hired one.

So, you introduced yourselves to each other and tried to establish a comfortable zone for this long distance working relationship.  Then you begin to give them their first tasks you expect them to do. The communication between you at first was smooth. Reports and outputs were submitted to you by the end of their duties. So you are thinking everything was great – then …BOOM! They suddenly disappeared.

You were left with questions and confusion as to what has happened to your new awesome employee.

Now what do you do?

Do you start searching the internet for another possible online employee? I bet not. You don’t want to undergo that very tiring process again and again. So, what do you do??

Here are some tips as to how to effectively manage Filipino employees.

One of the very first things YOU (employer) need to remember when managing a Filipino worker is that most Filipinos are shy and embarrassed easily. 

When they disappear, it’s not because they are lazy. It’s because they are embarrassed to ask questions about the task.They either didn’t understand or were not sure of the process.  They are too shy to let you know that they are stuck on something. They don’t want to disappoint you by letting you know that they are having a problem over the matter.

So, employers out there who have already hired a Filipino worker (or those who are planning to hire one), here are some tips to help you and your outsource worker’s working relationship work out.

  • Ask them what they are stuck on.
  • Ask them what they’re having a hard time with.
  • Ask them what they need help with.

Let them know that you know they are shy and may be embarrassed to ask questions, but assure them that questions are welcome anytime and that they have nothing to be afraid of. That everyone starts out not knowing and it is nothing to be shy or embarrassed about. The best you could do is to tell them the days and specific time you are available for any questions.

This is just one of the milestones that online employers of Filipino workers must understand. Seek out their problem and you’ll find it prevents a lot of troubles.

Check out my website for more tips on how to effectively manage a Filipino employee.

Happy creating from a Filipino employee!

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