Successfully Outsourcing Projects To Workers In The Philippines

By on May 6, 2013

Business is extremely competitive, especially any kind of business to can be conducted online, largely because English is the main international language and the majority of business is conducted in English. This means that anyone who speaks English, and who has a computer and an Internet connection, can get involved. Millions of people in the Philippines fall into this category, so it’s no surprise that many people involved in business (particularly Internet marketing and related services) engage in outsourcing to the Philippines.

Because of the sheer number of people involved worldwide in online business, it is very competitive, and those involved are looking to keep costs low. For example, all of the services related to Internet marketing – website creation, article writing, blogging, logos etc., can be performed by talented and eager workers in the Philippines, for rates of pay much lower than in the Western world.

Many Filipinos speak and write English to a very high level. Filipinos are also noted for their ability to modify their accent to suit a particular clientele (this is very useful where phone calls are being outsourced). Many have top-notch computer skills, as well as various other business skills. The Philippines produces 500,000 graduates every year – there is an enormous pool of very well educated people to choose from.

Another factor which has influenced the outsourcing of work to the Philippines is the familiarity of the Filipinos with Western culture. This familiarity has come about because for long periods the Philippines was colonized by Spain and the United States.

The Philippines can boast an excellent telecommunications infrastructure, so you need not have concerns about outsourcing work to the Philippines. Projects that you assign to people over there should not be delayed by slow Internet connections or communications blackouts.

Another reason to consider outsourcing to the Philippines is the time zone in which the Philippines is located. The difference in time with the United States and Canada for example, would allow businesses in those countries to conduct business well into the evening.

Furthermore, Filipinos are very gentle people and very nice to work with. They are also widely known to be hard-working. Of course, this is only true of Filipinos in general – as with any large group of people, there will always be some who are dishonest in some way. So, that raises the question: if I’m going to be outsourcing to the Philippines, how do I find honest and skilled workers?

First of all, check out reputable organisations such as and Organisations like this go about their business in a very professional manner and have systems in place to weed out any workers who are dishonest or produce poor quality work.

A few moments spent performing an online search will reveal that there are many websites that specialize in outsourcing to the Philippines. There are many experts associated with these websites. The number of websites is also an indication that outsourcing to the Philippines has proven to be popular (and successful) among many professionals.

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