Pinoy Workers in USA – Modern Day Slavery?

By on May 4, 2013

 Are they paid? Well, of course but, slavery isn’t just about free labor. Slavery is about a lack of freedom. Its about oppression and a feeling of hopelessness.

 This is just what many Pinoy workers have experienced at the hands of US Companies whose profit/loss line is more important than their humanity.

 Looking for cheap, controllable labor? Why not just get you some foreigners under contract! First you get them to pay you for the privilege of being brought to the great old US of A. Then, now that you’ve gotten them into debt to you, charge them a nice interest rate so they are chained down.  

Remember the days of the ‘company town’ or being chained for life to the ‘company store’? Yes, that era of ‘paid’ slavery which many miners and railroad workers experienced in times past. Back then it was the Irish and the Scots who suffered at the hands of corporate greed. Well just like the coal miners of West Virginia these folks are waking up to the fact that they can fight back!

Oh, yes its risky. When your work permit only allows you to stay in the country as long as you are working for this company. How can you get the courage to challenge them? But, then how can you not when you are risking your life in unsafe working conditions?

Recently the federal justice system actually acted with justice! This brought a $4,500,000.00 judgement against just such a company. One can only hope that this will give pause to other such greedy corporate criminals. But, considering the billions of dollars saved by hiring foreign workers, one doubts it will.

But, are the companies the only ones who are acting without respect for their fellow humans?  Of course not. Just remember the fellow Pinoy exporters who have recruited these workers. No doubt the true working conditions were not advertised to those prospective workers.

Once when traveling in Russia I saw a report on the news warning young Russian women not to believe the ads for work in the USA. Why? Because they were often just ways to trap women into forced prostitution. Yet I saw many, many notices posted throughout the city advertising work in the  US.

Oh yes indentured servitude is as old as the USA, actually older. It is as old as civilization and sadly not going away any time soon.

So, how will Filipino workers be managed in the future. With their growing awareness of how to use the legal system in the US, probably better than now.

And kudos to the socially conscious people in the Philippines who are beginning to question why their own government is supporting this system. Really is it good for the family when money becomes more important than keeping the family together?

So let this be a warning to Pinoy workers based in the USA. While you may be looking for the “American Dream” you may find the ‘American Nightmare’

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