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By on September 22, 2013

I heard about so many works are now being outsourced everywhere, which is a very big advantage especially to at-home Moms, like me. In this article, let me share to you why hiring Virtual Assistants, the Philippines is your BEST option.

Filipino workers

  •   Filipinos are intelligent. So many of the Filipino Virtual Assistants have “real” University Bachelor’s degree, thus give us the edge among others. Our understanding with English language and American culture is outstanding. This means fewer instances of instructions are being lost in translation. Could you imagine how frustrating if you instruct one thing, only for your VA to do another thing because of misinterpretation? You could save lots of worries with Filipino Virtual Assistants as we could even read between lines.
  •  Filipinos have a culture of honesty. Philippine history claimed that Filipinos, rich or poor, are indeed, honest and trustworthy through generations. This probably because we are strong believers. We believe that God will surely reward people who live with dignity and good reputation.

A certain Philippine Television channel, GMA 7, did a unique way of finding out how honest Filipinos are. 80 wallets, with Php200, a contact number, a planted letter of a supposed to be mother telling her child that it was all she could give her for that week’s allowance. These were being dropped in the streets of Metro Manila and outside as tests. 65 out of the 80 wallets were returned to GMA 7 with the money and the papers intact.

 Despite of political dishonesty besiege some of the Philippine government officials, it was still proven that most Filipinos are found honest and trustworthy. So when you hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant, be assured that we will NEVER steal your work and start our own business. All we need is a stable monthly pay check to support our families, hence be assured of our honesty.

  •  Filipinos are efficient and very hard working. Filipinos are considered by many as among the most efficient and hardest workers in the world. We, Filipinos in general, have a strong will to succeed and our very inspiration to work hard is our family. Because of our being family-oriented, we consider work as sacrifices to offer a better life to our family. With this, we don’t want to disappoint our employers, thus pushes us work even harder, more efficient so to make the employers happy and keep our job.
  •  Filipinos love to work for foreigner employers. Well, not just because most foreign employers are very kind and generous (which I luckily have), we love to work for foreigners because our social status among peers are elevated. In my case, I actually brag  my employer’s kindness to my family and friends.
  • Filipino rates are very affordable. With pennies on the dollar for what it cost to hire locally, you can surely save money, time and effort.

We may belong in a third world country, but rest assured that we are very qualified and ready to become your full-time employees. Yes, it is very difficult to find employment and honest employers nowadays. If you are one, just think about what you can do for us, Filipinos. With a full-time job, working from home and on our own hours, working for a foreigner, making more money for our family with just pennies for you from hiring locally, with all these factors combined, what you get is an employee who will do anything to make you happy.

These are just some of the many reasons why hiring Virtual Assistants, the Philippines is your BEST option. You surely will have a different experience and outcome than trying to outsource anywhere else in the world. Give Filipinos a job.

 Contact us now and we will be more than happy to assist you.

 Happy creating from a Filipino Virtual Employee!

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My name is Kurt Rasche, and I am the founder and CEO of Max Power Marketing, LLC. The wonderful person who manages this website is my personal assistant, May Jean. May has proved herself a valued part of our company and family of friends. She is a quick learner and a hard worker. To find other great workers for your business, please contact me or May to guide you. Here is a little more about our companies: Max Power Marketing & Outsource Manager: We help small businesses with their online presence through SEO, Web Design, Social Media, Keyword Research, Competition Analysis, WordPress Website Security, Mobile Websites, Etc, Etc. We have been open since 2007 and have assisted very small affiliate marketers just starting out to billion dollar mega-corps. We love what we do and couldn't imagine doing anything else. Now taking on clients that want management of Filipino workers. Best place for an American small business to outsource to, by far.

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