Management For Outsourced Workers in the Philippines

By on April 28, 2013

Management For Outsourced Workers in the Philippines.

A lot of companies cannot afford to keep their workforce in the U.S.

Most companies looking to compete, look for cheaper alternatives, like hiring help in other countries. The Philippines is a popular destination because of the very affordable labor and their dedicated to make their employers happy. 

A few new positions are available for experienced managers. If you are experienced in management and have some “real life” experience in this field, you should consider managing workers located in another country. This experience is very unique and will give you the possibility to travel all over the world.

Being bi-lingual is necessary if you are interested in managing foreign workers. If you only speak English, you would need to learn their language right away. The Philippines is a very popular destination for outsourcing and the language is not very hard to learn if you are motivated. Besides, most workers in the Philippines already speak at least a little English. Managing people is always easier if you are able to communicate clearly in their language so they do not always have to make the effort to understand in English.

Managing workers in the Philippines means you will have to stay there for extended periods of time. If you feel ready to move to another country, you should do more research on the Philippines and the culture there. You should take the time to think about what moving to another country means. If you have a family, talk about this decision with them. There are many job opportunities for foreigners and you should be able to send your children to an English school there. If you know anyone who has lived abroad for extended periods of time, talk to them about this experience. You should not let your employer pressure you into moving to another country if you do not feel ready for this experience.

Find out what your job in the Philippines will be like before you decide to move there. Ask if you can go there for a couple of weeks so you can see the place where you will be working and perhaps be trained by your new colleagues. You need to make sure the place where you will be working treats employees fairly. Some firms outsource their means of production and ignore the conditions in which their Filipino employees work. Since labor laws are very different in the Philippines and unions do not exist, it is easy for big corporations to take advantage of their workers. You should not take the job if you find that you will be supervising people who work in unacceptable conditions.

You should take the time to do more research on the kind of job you could have in the Philippines or in another foreign country. Think about your decision very carefully before you decide to accept one of these jobs and make sure you will be working for a firm with a good ethic.


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