Are You Interested In The Management Of Filipino Workers Based In The USA?

By on April 26, 2013

Are You Interested In The Management Of Filipino Workers Based In The USA?

Many Filipino workers move to the US to find better jobs and provide for their family. However, some firms take advantage of this phenomenon and hire illegal Filipino workers for very low wages. Keep reading if you are interested in this problem and want to find out how you can help.

First of all, hiring individuals who are in the US illegally is a grave offense. If you think that the company you work for is hiring people who do not have valid visas, you should report them immediately. It is safer not to tell your employer about your suspicions. You should contact the local immigration office and let them know you suspect your companies of having some illegal workers. Your employer will never know who reported them.

Some Filipino workers are in the US legally but get tricked into entering illegal work contracts. Some of these workers end up working in conditions close to slavery. Employers keep their workers by stealing their passports or by threatening to report them to immigration. This practice is much more common than you think but it is hard to detect since the employers are being very careful about hiding their practices.

If you live nearby one of these sweatshops, you will probably notice a few signs. If you have been seeing a lot of Filipino workers in the area and cannot think of any workers from another nationality, the employer might be keeping a group of migrants as slave workers. These workers do not speak much English and usually avoid contact with the outside world. If you notice this kind of behavior, it is best to contact local authorities.

If you know any workers from a foreign country because they are your colleagues, neighbors or because you do business with them, try finding out more about them. Learn their name and ask a few details about where they come from. You should also ask some questions about their conditions at work and how they live. Most slave workers are housed by their employers to limit their contacts with the outside world. Let these workers know they can trust you but keep in mind that it can take them some time before they are comfortable with opening up about their situation.

Do not become too suspicious. Slave workers and sweat shops exist but there are also a lot of foreign workers who come to the US legally and find good jobs. You should not assume that every foreign worker is taken advantage of, unless you notice they are not in good health or if the whole operation seems very secretive. It is best to turn to local authorities if you have some suspicions.

You should know more about Filipino workers and the risks they take by coming to the US after going over this article. If you think some of the people around you are in this horrible situation, do the right thing and get the authorities involved.

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