6 Benefits Of Outsourcing

By on April 25, 2013

Outsourcing has such a horrible karma in today’s world. When we hear this word our minds automatically go negative. Although, when we look a little deeper into outsourcing we realize that it certainly is not all bad. Now you might be wondering what exactly is outsourcing? Simply put outsourcing is contracting out tasks to an outside company.  Outsourcing does have some negative especially when viewed in the general public’s eye, but here we are going to focus on the top 6 benefits of outsourcing.

1.    Cost Efficient
Some office functions are very time consuming and complicated, so when trying to perform certain task you may be spending too much time to complete it. Since in business time is money, then by continuing to complete certain tasks daily, weekly, or even monthly you are potentially wasting a lot of money as well as time. So instead you might outsource this task to a company who specializes in the task and can handle it quickly and accurately.

2.    Skilled expertise
Sometimes your company may be requires to complete tasks that may not be the core competency of your business. Therefore, you might was to outsource this task to a company that is skilled in this area. Not only will you cut cost this way but also save time and money on trainings for the specific task.

3.    Improve Customer Service
The company in which you outsource to will most likely be extremely proficient, produce quality, and also provide a much faster delivery time. Since this company in an expert in their field, they will significantly reduce the turnaround time of goods and services which will certainly please your customer and potentially make you more money.

4.    Risk Management
Outsourcing allows you to share any possible risks with your outsourcing partner, therefore reducing your company’s burden.

5.    Staffing Flexibility
Companies sometimes face uncertainty in demand. With outsourcing you can increase or decrease your needs as necessary at a significantly lower cost. This even includes your busiest seasons, such as holiday seasons, tax season or any other busy season you might come upon.

6.    Run a 24-7 Business
Offshore outsourcing allows companies to run all night and day. When companies outsource to countries like China and India who are on different time zones then us, this allows people to be available even when you are at home asleep. Therefore, you can really take advantage of a full 24 hour day and keep all customer satisfied.

You see outsourcing certainly has its benefits. Not only does it save companies lots of money, help them run more efficiently, but it also improves their customer service, flexibility and risk management. Although, these are only a few of the benefits that go along with outsourcing, I strongly believe that if we as a whole looked deeper into it more often and did our own research we would find that it is not as bad as the negative karma that usually comes to mind. So remember, next time you hear the word outsourcing don’t be so quick to make a negative judgment.

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